You know you get no love
But you can’t cry; kill the lights
Lay back, pitched black, get your hands on a knife.
Use sounds to still your soul or send it spiraling down.
Listen to your thoughtless thoughts lie like they’d like you to drown.
They’ll hold your head, however your right ear’ll envy your left
“Why do i even own half dead head phones?”
Turn them up so you don’t hear what they say.
“Good morning.” “Have a nice day.”

I try to fight it, but i’m angry.
Everybody hates me,
I hate me too,
This life is hell,
I gotta get some help,
But i know, it won’t do no good.
I know i’m going insane.
I can’t, i can’t, i can’t, can’t, can’t think straight.
Can’t concentrate-
What do you know, i’m late
Oh well, just one more day
Don’t like eating with my friends anyway.
Which is easier to say
Good morning, or fuck you?
Cause i’m getting real sick of you
So called adults
With your principles
That consist of this:
Simply criticize
What you don’t comprehend.

What do you know, can’t sleep.
Maybe it’s because my heart is burning inside of me.
Damn, there’s a side of me
That wishes i could see
Those pictures that i burned, and then
Cease to breathe.
Damn, keeping my right hand
Seemed like a real good plan
But control can’t keep me company,
And that girl was no good for me.

You know, you’re right bluejay.
Cause in the end whatever screwtape may say
Most days when i dream of death
I can’t find
Reasons why
To think i
Should survive
Except hope
That i’ll find
God damned soap
For my mind
And the light
From the sky
From the stars
When they shine
And they shine
With a light
That is not their own
And i’m not alone
And my scars are not so white.

And my scars are not so white.

You think you get no love?
Thank God, you’ve forgotten your first love
That never was love at all, that obsession fall
But God damn, you’ve forgotten your first love.


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