I don’t really want to be nothing,
i just want to be empty.
Everything i touch turns to dust,
everything i say betrays my inferiority.
I try my best to disappear.
I’d rather be nothing than treated like it.
Interest compounds at stone banks
over wood tables and the broken backs of slaves;
i’m no one, just
a drone with thumbs.
If it weren’t me
it always would be someone.
Nothing you say changes anything
but i love to hear
your voice, like
call me again
i know we’re dying.
Alone, as always, but
better than next to you and miles away.
I’ll walk into this rejection like a cosmonaut floats toward the sun
knowing it’s not gonna last long
but enjoying the fact
that my death
will be better than most people’s lives.
Your blood runs from your bones
and thieves go back to their homes
and hope that no one’s broken in
while they were gone. I check the door
when i hear wind
coming up over the pond.
One empty promise away from me
and into the atmosphere.
Everything that runs on gas
gets away from here.
Wish i could go to Antarctica.
Doing the same nothing day after day
I must be the fool of spades.


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