In the final hours of the morning
i imagine that you’re waiting for me
but you’re not
what i imagined
when i thought about the future.
Glad i can say you happened to me.
Wish you could say the same.
Show me what you’re made of,
iron and steel and rust
rushing water and frost dew
soaking through your tent
to get to you.
Words devoid of meaning,
silence laden with it,
days together by habit
days apart by choice,
nothing you can say to me
can say as much as nothing.
No such thing as an extremist in war,
only guts and deserters.
I’d rather be a dormouse than
a carrion crow.
You know that i will try
next time the satellites align
just right to bounce my call to you
convince you that I won’t talk to you
but you won’t listen cause you
never do.
I’m just another waste of rocket fuel to you.
Hide if you value your secrets
and run if you value your life.
Raise you sins
to this toast.
Cracking with weight under cover of darkness
the thundering silence alone
dew is for the morning, the sun’s
a fair weather friend.
what you hide behind
your teeth, Persephone,
and i will show you everything.
Imagine that you’re writing to me
wartime letters lost in fire,
silence cause the planes went down.
You’re not what i imagine
when i think about the future.
I don’t think we’ll know each other.


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