Life is a test. Its purpose is not to discover what you always were, but to become it in the act of choosing. The ends never justify the means because the means are the ends. The existence of a universe is doubtful. The obligation to act is not.
The difference between moral and immoral means is that when you try to use moral means for immoral ends, they don’t work.
You should heal the sick, not because they’re well, but because they’re sick. You should feed the poor, not because they’re rich, but because they’re poor. And you should pardon the guilty, not because they’re innocent, but because they’re guilty.
You don’t need to have justice everywhere before you can have justice anywhere. Love is the passion behind the universe. Power is only the perceived advantage of those who have put their faith in the universe rather than in love. Might doesn’t make right, right makes might. Injustice anywhere isn’t a threat to justice everywhere. Justice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.
We don’t need idealism because the world is already good. We need idealism because it isn’t. The idealists are the only ones in the business of making things better.


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