Heaven Sent

I ain’t been
heaven sent
but you have
don’t know how
you manage
all these things to be good at
Keep you around
i think i will
keep me around
you better
pointless waste of resources
You didn’t understand when i said
i was going but i’d be back again.
I’ve been trying
to be better
than i’ve traditionally been.
I cannot
an interest i’ve forsaken
don’t listen
i cannot
I always tried to get caught
but i will
try to be
good enough for me.
This isn’t
the last time
it’s not my time to feel right.
It’s not easy
to distract
from the fact
that you’re
decaying slowly
on a pile of cracked
asphalt and cigarette butts
but we try,
and at least
we are doing it together.
I’ve been trying to live at all
let alone forever.


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