street christianity

The church has sided with the powerful and the oppressors against those on whose behalf it was established. It has peddled a faith of pews, steeples, pastors, tax exemptions, offering plates, liturgies, and grape juice. The faith of Christ was a faith of leaving family unburied, selling everything, going forth with only cloak and staff, being cared for like animals in the wild, eating with coins caught in fishes’ mouths, crowds of adulatory sinners drawn by the promise of redemption, the scorn of priests and rich and regime, persecutions, thorns, lashes, and wine. The church has surrendered to the world by advocating a faith that asks nothing of the penitent, and by serving the interests of the rich, the popular, the strong, the hypocritical, and the self righteous. It has traded its soul for the world and gained the ability to operate legitimately in society in exchange for the inclination to be itself; a slave which has sold its birthright to Caesar and in so doing become unworthy to call itself the church.
No organization, no matter its statement of faith, can be the kingdom of God, as no nation can be the kingdom of God. It is madness to imagine a Christian Country, when Christ is a king, or a Christian Corporation, when you cannot serve both God and mammon.
But the revolution continues around the periphery of churches, hippie communes, ghettos worldwide and third world revivals, and these, not the church hierarchies, are the inheritors of the faith of Christ and the apostles. It is these which are rightfully called the church. Eternal life is to be found here: on the periphery of churches, and at the core of resistance movements.
I usually take the church’s opposition as an endorsement. If it’s being condemned from the pulpit, it must be a threat to someone’s power.
The visible church does not exist, only one more category of institutions as corrupt and oppressive as any other. The invisible church is the only true church, and it is insurrection. The kingdom of God is slave to no man.
Death to the steeple. Death to the churches. Long live Jesus Christ expelled from the synagogues. Long live street Christianity.


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