Idealistic Conclusions from Cynical Premises

My generation is torn between idealism and cynicism, and cynicism has gotten the upper hand. Most of us want to care about other people and want for our lives to be meaningful, but we’re unable to find the inherent goodness in humanity that we think idealism requires, and we’re unable to believe in a God, and therefore in an objective meaning of life. We’ve concluded that life is bad and people are bad- “i hate humans” is a cliché. When we think there’s some new insight about the brain we get excited- on some level we don’t get why science hasn’t just proven what kind of souls we have yet. Our obsession with objectivity has made us good scientists but bad philosophers. We’re frustrated that we can’t find an external meaning of life.
Our attempt to find one we can reason our way to is like the attempt to find love when you’ve ruled out from the start the possibility that it might involve loving someone. Meaning isn’t something that’s out there like the Higgs Boson, waiting to be discovered by a sufficiently large particle accelerator. Meaning is something you do. You mean things.
Things aren’t just meaningful, or important, or valuable. Things are meaningful to you, important to you, and valuable to you. If you want your life to have meaning, you should care about it.
People are bad. People are special. People are important. People are valuable. People are unique.
Life is bad. Trust it. Take a leap of faith. Give up your control while you still have no reason to think you should, because the worst case scenario if you do is exactly the same as the best and only scenario if you don’t.
You’re a shitty person. That’s okay. You’re special. I love you. If life was fair we’d be fucked. Lucky for us it it’s extremely unfair. I don’t intend to give other people what they deserve. I’m gonna give people what they need. I’m gonna forgive people who don’t deserve it.


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