The Death of God within the Soul of Man

Faith and love are the living blades of Christianity. Love for God is the satisfaction of the deepest longing of the soul, and it can never exist in even the slightest measure apart from love for others. Faith is this: fealty. If any other consideration can provoke you to action against what love for God would have you do, then it is to that consideration that you are a slave, and not to God. One is a slave to God by being free; one is a slave to anything else by being a slave. If you desire anything more than eternal life, you will not have it. If you serve any other master than God, it will enslave you. If you would make yourself master of another, you make yourself a stumbling block to them.
Embrace uncertainty. Go limp to life. Bet everything on the chance that it matters. Then come out on the streets with us and fight.
The kingdom of God is insurrection, the Holy Spirit the spirit of revolution, Jesus Christ the only king.
There is a rumor going around that God has died, and we have all killed him. I must come before you now to confess that it is true, and I had my part in it. But, and this is the trouble with rumors! The best part has been left off. This is the theology of the resurrection of God.
In the life of Christ there is incarnation, sacrifice of life, and resurrection to new life, as unlike the old as the entire city of New York is unlike Wikipedia’s article on New York, and as incomprehensible before it has taken hold as snow to one who has never before seen it. So it is within the soul of man. The incarnation of God into man is into not only one man, but also every man who believes in him. It is said that in repentance one is baptized into Christ’s death- more than this can be said; true repentance is only possible because we live in a universe containing the death of God. The rumor goes this far, and no further. What does it matter if we can repent, unless we can be reconciled? What does it matter if we can risk, unless we can be vindicated? But God’s resurrection too is the resurrection within the soul of man, a resurrection to life, not to the kind of life restored to Lazarus but to the kind restored to the criminal crucified by Jesus’ side. It has been called zoe and eternal life and the state of grace. I call it anastasis, because it is not a single event of restoration to a better nature, after which no repentance is necessary, but rather a constant state of restoration in which repentance is always necessary- the christian is being resurrected constantly, or not at all. There is nothing else worth having, and no price too dear to pay for it. The death of God is one thing. But to have a resurrection of God- now that is another thing entirely.
Anastasis is the central event in Christianity, and its importance so far exceeds that of the rest that nothing deserves to be considered at all which does not pertain to it. There have been attempts to tie other practices, the sacraments, into the effects of anastasis on the life of the christian. This is good and right, and the sacraments are redemption, friendship, love, reconciliation, and self sacrifice. Anyone convinced that their cultural practice alone is the true sacrament is mistaken.


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