Sonatta Tragica

There was once a girl who lost her soul
And she had a father who loved her
And a brother who loved her
And me, i loved her.
And she was like a white dove nesting
In a woman’s chest.
She had
Resting in her shoulders.
And she was lost one day, and banished
She left herself sleeping there.
We laid her in bed,
Waited for her limp body to move.
There, there is my love.
I recognize her hair, and her cheek
Although now her cheek is cold
And her breath is cold
And her
Are icy cold and strange.
I stayed by her side all night and stared
But never knew how someone
Who i’d never met
Could so resemble someone
Who i used to love.

Once i stepped out into a black night.
A shower of stars lit up the sky
Transfixed by the lovely light
I stared, till sunrise.
And I had thought that I never would
See beautiful things
Have gone and proved me wrong.
And now you must know that i love you
Because you laugh like music
And you walk like punk
And you love like a closed eyed solo
Everything you see.
Do you realize that you love like jazz?
I know I don’t know you, but-
There was once a man
In the
Ducked under an awning
And found all that he’d ever wanted.
A key on a dark table
Recognized the lock
It was built for, there, across
The room, in the light.

Well i tried to write a song for you.
My lead broke free from the melody,
Nothing but contempt for me,
“Got a life to lead,”
She said. All i could do was sing “it’s
Strange, i think this is
A love
Breathtaking creation
Loveliness beloved of love
A human being, with flaws!
Caught in the crossfire
Desperately searching for something more.
“If you’re wondering,”
I told her, “i miss you terribly,
And please don’t come back to me.”
And so i broke free
From this
Stood somewhere outside
In the sunlight, and saw the place where
God had written to the side
So you think you know
About love songs? I’ll show you
What a love song is.


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