They say “you are dust.”
I wish i was dust.
Dust has no heart and knows no shame.

The people shouted from their soapboxes,
“Intelligence is everything!”
My girlfriend told me every day
How stupid i am.

All the things that i want
Terrify me.

Of course you have nothing to say.
I am nothing to you.

Lying on your back, you cannot tell the difference
Between fireflies
And stars.

Everyone who ever said anything good about you lied.

The greatest mercy afforded to the failures of the world
Is that no one will build statues of us,
Or write of our deeds in history books.

I am no more a man
Than ash is wood.

Time is flitting away like a bird
When you catch sight of it on the windowsill.
My life doesn’t feel quite real,
It’s been slipping away like water from my hands.

She wanted to be a scuba diver
The adventurer girl
She wanted to have a good life
In a damn cold world.
She was her own drill sergeant
And i my own Isaiah.
We never quite faced down our demons
We never quite knew how.

Your memories are too good for you
So guard them, lest they leave you
Find another
Come to him
In a dream
Leave you searching after them
In the places where they’d been
Wishing to be the person that you were
When you made them again.

The ones i love are part of me.
If they despise me
Then my soul despises me
If they are missing
Then my heart is missing.


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