more things

Split yourself apart and spill into another’s heart
And be destroyed by love and find the most magnificent joy
And spill your colors into mine and be alive and in
The best part of this wonderful life.
Open up your eyes and see a new day, and we get to share it.
This is what you’ve waited for forever, your
Past and future are so jealous,
This is what you need to be.
Feel the sun pour through your window,
Warm you as it rests as i do
Tie your hands together
By your fetters from your slavery be freed.

Do you think that throwing stones
Will repair windows?
And do you think that black paint
Will make your house white?
And do you keep a candle burning
To scare off fire in the night?

Blink and another year’s gone by.
I am a stone and i
Continue to sink
In the muddy water of
Factory Hollow Pond.
Blink or avert your eyes,
Another year’s gone by and i
Still haven’t seen her.
Too late to find our way home,
Caught in the dark because
We didn’t want to leave.
Share songs and withold,
Permit me to call your phone,
In the end i revoke
As do you.
Why bother with morning or sleep?
Try not to think about the things
That mean the most to me.


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