about you

shut up Louisiana, the levee’s bursting
while you’re out with your friends burning
just getting toasted
you can have my drugs and i will make off with your wallet
i am Denver, Colorado
up in the mountains looking down on you
i got much higher wages and lower ages
got paler faces.
I can be everything that you want me to be
but i can’t be that and happy.
And i’ll be sitting alone by the waterfall
listening to bird calls, and i’ll be
sitting alone in a darkened room
singing about you.

Yeah, we all want to be famous
but we don’t want to end up addicts
on methamphetamines showing our bodies in magazines
for a gram of attention, big drama queens.
Yeah, we all want to be rich and we don’t care as much as you’d think who pays for it.
We’re probably all gonna go to hell
cause we didn’t know apple was owned by satan
cause we didn’t read the terms and conditions when we signed up for itunes.
We’re sneaking around
and talking around the subject line
of the email i sent you
when i was putting off calling.
Creationism is bullshit
but i try to tolerate idiots.


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