Well, i heard the devil has plans for you
you did everything he told you to
now you better get a living wage for all your dying
don’t stop lying to me
i like the way it sounds.
Spiders crawling on your wall
descend on you as you sleep
and kiss your lips and stay hungry.

In the moonlight, a purple flower bloomed, and died.
She drank water from the earth. It was sweet, and cold, and poisoned.
The haughty moon would not abide
another more beautiful than she.
Now a ghost flower stands there, snow white and insubstantial, but more than a memory-
more than a memory
of the way her pedals lay cradled together,
the way the night air kissed her,
the way a crystal clear teardrop clung to her side, and fell.

He begged to land at an atoll off the florida keys and was refused,
the ship went down an hour later.
He was a german refugee,
i guess that’s why they never charged me.

I’m trapped in a box with the worst person i know.

Wakefulness in the black night
sweating under blankets, numb inside.
Not enough to eat
unthinking and freezing
skipping and speeding like cars.
Writing in blood, just what i can’t see in the dark.
Blood and ink and shadow and ice
found in the darkness, shivering alone
the things that no one knows.
The first thing about self control.

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