You’re alone upon the earth
with nowhere to go.

Don’t come crying to me
when you get what you deserve
i won’t be here waiting
or hanging on your words.

Don’t come running
when the past makes you lonely
it makes me happy
now you tell me if i’m lying.

Flickering screens instead of sleeping
empty pages of books that i will never read
don’t need to mean anything to me.

You really had me going.
You really should be nominated for something
but you’re supporting role to my lead actor
for believing this all hadn’t happened before

as if i didn’t know when you walked in the door
that someday it was gonna be this way
and do it anyway.
Maybe that’s the only way
this kind of shit gets done.

My landlord called and said the rent is twenty years overdue.
and he said if you don’t move quickly well then son i am coming for you.

Set off an amber alert somewhere in the floodwaters
you’re a missing person,
and i am missing you personally.

There’s only so long you can be alone
before you end up on the telephone
with someone who should know better.

When you asked how long i would wait for you
i wish i hadn’t said forever.

When i asked hey what’s my plan B.
in case this whole thing doesn’t work out exactly
the way i’m hoping
i really should have thought it through and not just said hanging.

I don’t got the nerve for that sort of thing.

  1. justin said:

    thank you for sharing radical mysticism and 156
    peace & love to you

    Liked by 1 person

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