Apologia for Good

This is the basic truth which has always been overlooked by imperialists and their philosophical offspring: resources taken through violence, theft, and extortion never result in the satisfaction for which they are desired..They preclude the possibility of living in peace with your neighbors. They require the suppression of your capacity to care, which has its end in the loss of all relationships, including those which you originally set out to protect. The prison guard comes to treat his own family as if they were prisoners. The CIA operative spends his days dehumanizing potential enemies of the state to protect his children, and once they have grown discovers that he is no longer capable of humanizing even them. You must always be worried about what those who you have deprived of their basic needs will do to regain the ability to meet those needs, now that you have defined your relationship with them once and for all as competitive. You have told them that as long as you live they will be slaves or die. Therefore if they would be free, then you must die. And so you are compelled by the unconscious terror of those beneath you to labor at the preservation of your situational control at all costs; and all this to defend resources you don’t need. Fear gives rise to defensiveness, risk aversion and love of stasis. It forces you to see through impossible but self serving narratives like the just world. It generates latent hatred and contempt for the objects of your fear.  Until we live in a society characterized by the principle from each according to his ability, to each according to his need in everything, including the spiritual and the social, some of us will not have enough, and the rest of us by virtue of having too much will be unable to enjoy what we have: burdened by an excess which we cannot use and must defend.


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