what i must become

In the imitation of Christ i identify first with all the descendants of Adam and Eve, however exclusive their positions, however competitive the resources which they require, and however exclusionary their self-concepts; this is possible by identifying not with their positions, their needs, or their self-concepts, but with themselves, and with their experiences of forming positions, seeking resources, and defining themselves as these experiences contribute to what they are. Then, in my identification with humanity, i forgive humanity. This is vital: the ability to forgive one another is a dire need in which every one of us shares equally. Even the generations which will inherit the earth from us share in it. Our dilemma is not that the problems over which we fight are too hard to solve, but that we cannot solve them unless we can stop fighting. The thing most likely by far to destroy humanity is humanity. I cannot compel injured parties to forgive any more than i can compel those who have injured them to apologize, but i can identify with injured parties, and, inasmuch as I am identified with them, for my own part forgive those who have injured them. I rule only my own mind, but this i will make into the very pool of serenity which in the minds of Adam and Eve would save our world. I can hold myself to no other standard. I will bear all the sins of the world. I will bear them upon myself.


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