a prayer

Praise the savior Jesus Christ, the God of heaven, son of earth and only master of my soul. Praise Jesus, hallelujah, special is God. He brings life to the dying and healing to the hopeless. He is the light before the dawn, the first fruits of the salvation of all mankind. Special is God. Praise the messiah. Oh Jesus, take my life. May your kingdom come through me. Not my will but thine be done: may the last be first and the weak be strong. Take my life, that I may live forever; take my life, that I may live at all. Kill me, my lover, on a roman cross, so that I may rise with you from the grave. Somehow these dry bones must grow flesh again as the leaves return in the spring. I call on you, who made the earth, who alone can do impossible things. Forgive me so that I might have the strength to forgive. You are everything that I love, you are the one who I call out to in my darkest hour, my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night. The more I love you, the more my world is filled with light as yours is. The more I love you, the more I love everything that you have created, and the less I need it. My yoke is easy, and my burden is light.  Praise the savior. Take up earth and become Immanuel, bring heaven’s peace to earth. Drive out evil, heal the sick, raise the dead, reveal your mysteries, drink wine with me and decide to call me your friend. My brother, my friend, my captain, my king, my savior, my lover and my God. You are everything to me. Be more to me. You are everything. I love you.


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