Up in the formless oblivion- awake!
Fall into darkness
and pools of swirling liquid stars, calmly pretending.
Stunning beauty, time and space rewound,
pulled to pieces beneath the heavens.
The playthings of forces beyond our control.
In the end God will judge me. I will not stand
on judgment day. I will bend the knee and crumple like a leaf.

Skip away into nothing, nothing! Nothing.
You’re an infinite distance straight out from the universe.
I’ll tunnel like a dog under a fence perpendicular to real
and watch the flowing clouds swirl above the world.
Thunder cracks in the distance
and i am safe beneath my blankets,
listening to rain fall with nothing to do.

My family’s proud of me.
My friends love me.
I close my eyes, breathe deep and be.
Thank God. Hallelujah,
thank God for God.

Another time into the fray!
There’s nothing behind us,
the vertigo of an open sky we may fall into if we look back.
Step up, don’t fall behind,
we cannot slow down. How the ground
shakes- and the rivers spark with static, like nerves in the brain
of God knows what.
We gotta be mites on the back of something monstrous.

Until the next time, i will never see you again.
Take your place in the machine
and distract yourself until you die.
We’re all pretending, we don’t what we’re doing.
You don’t realize how fragile your life is.
You’d be like me with one bad day.
Look out your window. What would it take for the rain to rise back to the sky?
I can dry you off but i can’t undrown you.

Clinging to your words like a lifeboat.
I don’t know if you believed them.
Don’t know if i would, but i need them.

I am not good at my job.
My family is not proud of me.
I am not clever or cunning.
I’m not as strong as other people.
Life is falling ninety eight stories in six seconds.

Hanging from your words like a lifeboat.
Don’t know if you believed them.
Don’t know if i would, but i need them.

Your hands are a good place to be.
This time it’ll be different.
You’ll get better. You’re special, i said that.
I had to say it to myself.
There’s nothing easy about being.


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