Childish Games

I found you, now go hide again.
Your rockets burned the atmosphere, they set it all alight.
The water in my kitchen sink will put it out alright.
Running round the track like there are lions in the bleachers, creeping up with caring.
Tuck you into the sky, and the lies i send your way amount to a bitter goodnight.
The tallest ships sink just the same when they meet with what waits in the dark
and set out to right their wrongs.
Won’t be like you, don’t need to, that’s what you do
all you ever thought to feel and all it takes to be moved.
I think i saw something on the other side of this,
thought it looked just like someone i miss.
Give me permission to tell the truth, so that i can admit
you really are the only one to own a piece of what i like to call my heart,
we’re really not even all that far apart.
I could never be that way.
The ever changing scenes and the
lightning bolts at night
making daylight.
This cheap, shitty, mattress with stains and weight of dead skin
is perfectly deserving of you
why don’t you get back in the closet?
Why not eat nothing but bread for all of time just to see what it would do to me?
Why not walk on water myself?
They threw the traitors overboard.
No one heard them screaming that night out in the storm,
as they sank into our apathy.
We turned tail and ran.
Blamed it on another man.
Chained him in the dungeon and he sang like a bird for his life
led us to his co-conspirators, and we fed them to the dogs
Ripped their throats out just in case.
They call us pigs but we are only men.
That’s what you get for crossing me,
really it was your fault for trusting me.
And if the money that i find this week is enough to buy myself a car then i will drive to San Francisco
and have a word with the man who said
the white man is the real enemy on the streets
cause i think he’s the only one who understands anything.
I’ll buy myself a drink and not drink it.
Spin around till i can’t breathe
and the world spits me out and drops me into the sun.
That’s where they bottle aquafina, if you believe them,
but me, i’ve seen them filling up the bottles with a garden hose.
They copyrighted water but i still had to drink it,
Paid me minimum wage to turn the tap
and charged me my life for the right to work.
Threw me in a prison owned by the coca cola corporation.
They tell me that I’m in deep debt but i think
i don’t owe them anything.
They tell me the government owns my student loans
and the bank owns my soul.
I think they’re both just assholes.


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