Come and go like the wind on a cold day
like sun coming out from behind the clouds
and going back under again
when you gotta run with next to nothing on
and you’re hoping they don’t see your scars.
When you can’t go inside
just yet
but you sure as hell will when you can.
Most of my life is out of my hands
but i’ll tell you that i’ll take what i can get.

I think most people overestimate
how important their opinions are to me.
I’ve stopped listening
to youtube comments and message boards
atheism subreddits and news reports
and boring people repeating the same shitty arguments
we’ve all heard a thousand times before.
I’m done with arguing and i’m not impressed by all the heavy handed posturing
you think i’m gonna stop talking cause you made fun of me?
you think i wasn’t getting made fun of already?
It’s not that you’re a dick, see,
you’re probably not stupid either,
it’s just that you’ve made yourself boring to me.
People like to talk shit about positivity
and the thing is that fact don’t bother me,
cause here i’m just gonna do it anyway.
Life’s too short to spend reading youtube comments
and philosophy’s too important to turn over to the loudest voice
or concede to the time and place where you were born.

I had to learn this shit first hand
there was no one to teach it to me.
We were the first ones,
the pioneers of internet technology
but we’d be crazy to think it started with us
i got some martin luther drawings say it didn’t.
I’m more violent than most people
and i ain’t proud of that shit.
And i ain’t proud of having been more toxic.

The internet is real life
and we’ve all become abusers in it
trying to get tough by making ourselves worse
and scratching provocations like an itch.
The fuel that turns the engine is that everybody else is doing it.
This shit ain’t limited to just one medium
you gotta see it for yourself to understand
that most of what we read is propaganda for a thousand petty things
and most of what we say is just like jackals
killing the dog that don’t fit in
there’s nothing more than that behind it.
Most people don’t think and if anyone did
it’d just be a matter of time before we killed em.
Facing hatred is a fact of life
You gotta make your peace with it.


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