So much for everything.
We had so much time back then
so much time left to exist
where did it go? We’ve lost it.
It vanished like a dream on waking
the tighter we held on, the faster it slipped away
forgotten, like a memory
lost like a teardrop in the sea.
For one more day with you i would bleed seas,
oh, what i would give to see you again
my Aphrodite.

As much an instant as an insignificance
why does the endless sky surround us,
our thought advance hopelessly to the morbid?
Who was it that said dust specks are unspectacular?
I have seen small people shape the course of history
and make the lives of living men worth living.
We stand together with dread inside of everything
waiting for eternity
to come before committing to a life with meaning.
We’re as important as we choose to be.


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