Car crash

Steering without seeing. What you doing? Where you been?
Blacked out in a car crash up in highland’s peak,
let you in slow, cause you don’t
really want
to know
where you’re going
while the accented pastures
Breathe deep of these
rotating hemisphere’s falling leaves.
Tell me what you really wanted to be
and how they took it away from you.
Blessed child of a seventies arcade that they
turned into a bank
became a man and took a wife or five
and worships the old god one day a week and the new god
the other six.
You gotta make it work. You gotta keep it coming.
Is this enlightenment?

Will they listen to you when you’re not in the room?
will they try to make it through even when it hurts to
go on? And do they love you enough to show you that they do?
Do you know what haunts them?
We’ve all got a devil.
We’ve all got a devil inside us.
The shadow comes
for you, it comes
from within.
It’s inside your room
when you sleep, cause you are.


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