I hate this skin.
I would lay it across your shoulders like a coat
to protect you from the coldness of this world
if it wouldn’t cover yours.
You deserve to be as
loved as you are beautiful and
I don’t want the conditional love of an impersonal institution
I love anyone who loves you for who you are
and loves your beautiful skin because you’re beautiful and it’s yours.
I won’t walk through a doorway that won’t let me take you with me.
I don’t want their goddamn blood money.
They can make it hard for me
but they can’t make it not what any friend would do

I should have said that earlier
I haven’t been fair to you.
I should have loved you better
but I’ve loved you hard.
I don’t love you the best I can
but everything I am
wants closer to it. I just hope
you can understand.


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