four years of war forever

In great endeavors it is glorious even to fail,
the election’s looking more like world war II than vietnam,
for americans, good news.
Well if if it comes down to that I know who I’ll stand with
or who I’ll die on top of
but what ever happened to peace?
No one comes back alive,
no winners, only survivors.
The ones who want peace are the only ones still trying to win
willing to risk death just for the chance
if they survive they’ll be alive
all the things that they saw
never managed to get inside.
In great endeavors it is glorious even to fail.
A holy war seems like good news
we’ll know who the good guys are
cause we always wanted them
since grade school cartoon comics we’ve been
in love with the knight and the villain
their perpetual fight for the soul of the world
we’ll fight racists with words
and campaign donations
but where is there anyone saying
When are we gonna end the war?
Our grandparents followed their leaders into vietnam
they trusted a government that
betrayed camelot like lancelot
and Krypton was an inside job.
Our big brothers followed their leaders into Iraq
they believed that their government wouldn’t lie to them.
So why’d we go to war? And why did Greece with Persia?
Why were there crusades? Why did mongols invade?
All to channel the revolutionary power of the people
away from their own leaders.
Let’s have ourselves a good enemy.
We’ll be the heroes in our own minds
and believe what we’re told
camp out in line
to put our fate out of our hands.
Trust your government! Serve in the war.
If you don’t you can’t complain
unless you care to find us someone else who will carry the blame.
But what ever happened to peace?
Are we the heroes that we think we are? And can we even trust our government anymore?
Can we put our faith in a system if we know it lies
if we all know what lies behind it?
Do we even believe in heroes and gods
idols and celebrities,
politicians and captains of industry
wage slaves and soldiers
consumers and producers?
No, there’s no heroes left, only men,
so we can’t trust our government
and follow the heroes into war.
There’s nothing left to do but bring the war to the capitalists.
You can vote or you can blow up a polling booth.
make a campaign donation or rob a millionaire.
Who’s going to decide how you live?
In great endeavors it is glorious even to fail!


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