true colors

I’m done all up over covers now, the end,
true colors showing through your ears where they begin.
I swear they turn red every time that I come near.
Wonder if
wrong is what I am.
I bet I know the reason for your sinking;
I’d tell it you for free but I bet that I can get you to pay me.
And the monks up on their mountain saying nothing is god,
while the atheists at their rally saying god is nothing,
and the monks down in the temple say I’m nothing but god,
and I hear nothing but
god is nothing but me,
and my girlfriend say i’m nothing at all,
and i say nothing is nothing at all, and all ain’t god, but god is all alright.
And I say I’m in the deep end and I never really could learn to swim.
I coulda drowned a thousand times
but there always was someone on hand to dive in.
Maybe next time I dive, I’ll dive alone.
I didn’t choose to look like this.
I never chose to need you,
don’t need you cause I want to,
I need you cause I need to.
You’re right to say I’m wrong for you,
it’s you that’s right for me
and I can’t spend my eternity
watching you watch dissapointed me,
thinking bout the better life you coulda had happy.
And don’t mistake this for altruism, I’m being vindictive.
As if you’d ever given me a chance to be anything else.
You always believed everyone else was meat before me.
Don’t think that I love you, I’m just addicted to you.
And don’t think you weren’t right about me.
I’m just another dying addict who doesn’t want any better,
don’t want it, don’t deserve it, won’t get it, and won’t live to regret it.


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