ode to kant

Everybody lies on their resume.
Nobody likes themself that much.
Everybody lies to the one they love.
No one loves anybody all the time
and anybody who says otherwise is lying.
We can’t admit it cause we can’t accept that they’re also lying to us.
We’re working jobs we lied for.
We’re not the person they really wanted.
We’re in marriages we lied for.
We’re not the person they really wanted.
Nobody has the guts to take it to its logical end
and just do away with the pretense of a system.
When we hire scum to work for us
as worthless and commodified as we are to the millionaires
we better see a goddamn resume
we’ll really try to look for evidence of a good fit for profit
fully believe they wouldn’t lie on it
make ourselves forget that we did.
We know first hand it doesn’t work, we just
won’t believe it of others.
We still get married,
even though
we know
we’re not
what they think
we are
if they knew what we were it would destroy them
if we knew what they were it would destroy us
we really think they’re exactly who we think they are
we all think we’re the one liar fooling the whole world
it’s the world that’s fooling us.
How long will people make promises they don’t intend to keep?
Kant is wrong because that that’s what a promise is.
If we wanted to stop lying we would stop making promises.


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