and they call me the liar.

Remember this? This is what it feels like to win.
Protecting yourself with such ridiculous lies
everyone can see you
we all know what you’ll never be.
Don’t you hear them singing from the shadows?
I want your blood tonight.
Don’t have to take it by force, not from you,
no, you will give it to me willingly.
Remember when the words were all you wanted to hear?
Said them again and again,
again and again, and didn’t hear them.
And I was laughing from the kingdom of glass, so loud
the world tore like wet tissue paper on a squirting vein,
it’s the gauze that gets the infection in,
that’s the secret joke of my inverted heaven.
You learned an important lesson about speaking
now why don’t you learn it again?
Remember when
you thought to yourself
“I’d rather drown than swim alone”
you never had a single friend
not now, and not then.
it’s just
what you deserve.
Remember all the times she told you that?
And all the time you ever spent
remember what
hearing yes felt like
standing together on vandalized wood
in a crowd of faces that always hated you
and sinking into the swamp
bit by decomposing bit.
And how she used to say
before she meant it?
And what she used to do
when she thought,
let alone,
well, what
do you think
she’d make
of what’s
Remember this? This is what it feels like to win
and she was pretending.


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