some thoughts on my political radicalism and religion

Being a christian is neither necessary nor sufficient to be a christian. What’s more, being a christian is one of the most common hindrances to being a christian to be found in the world today. The number one reason people in christendom are not christians is because they’re christians. Christendom is the new rome. Let’s burn it! Give nero something to talk about.

We ought to fix christianity. The present state of the thing is a disgrace. But how? I know a way- we do it with christianity. After all, it’s the only thing strong enough, the one hope for the salvation of all mankind. We’ve got to be fanatics for it. How do we make christianity better? In one way. We make it more christian.

There are a thousand names for God, but there’s only one God. Maybe I tell one person “make communism more communist,” and another “make islam more muslim,” and another “make hinduism more hindu” and another “make anarchism more anarchist” and another “make humanism more humanist” and another “make christianity more christian.” If so, I’ll define the best thing about the cause as the true cause. Communism is the liberation of the oppressed. Islam is surrender to the God of mercy. Anarchism is respect for human personality. But in all these different statements, I’m only saying one thing. There’s only one God. He liberates the oppressed, he is merciful, and he is the author of human personality. No one has ever had nothing to do with God.

I’ve said that anarchism is communism made more communist, and pacifism is anarchism made more anarchist. Here’s my exegesis of that text: if we really care about the liberation of the oppressed, we should restore human personality in a system that treats human beings as objects. If we really care about restoring the dignity of human beings, we should adopt an orientation of unconditional compassion towards all of them. I don’t say it that way because it wouldn’t have the same impact if I did; and the consequences are the same anyway. I’ll indulge myself one more exegesis: “being a christian is neither necessary nor sufficient to be a christian.” Simply maintaining that it is true that Jesus is the son of God is neither necessary nor sufficient to have faith in him. Even the devil does that much.

So yes, I am a christian and a communist, and an anarchist, and a democrat, and a humanist, and a punk, and a younglifer, and a thousand other things besides. Clunky words to express a very simple concept. I’m completely in love with God.

I’m a protestant because I love luther and I’m a catholic because I love peter. Regardless of whether either side claims me (and I rather doubt that either one will), I claim them both. I’m not a capitalist, but I value freedom; I certainly want free markets. I’m not a monarchist, but I value loyalty. Also trust, cooperation, and respect. I’m not a conservative, but I value religion, family, and morality. How far can I take it? As far as I have to. I’m not a neo-nazi, but I care about what happens to the poor whites they recruit. I could even say that I want to restore the honor of the white race, but through repentance and restitution to those we’ve wronged. No matter who I oppose and how strongly, I don’t have any real enemies. Just friends I haven’t made yet. If somebody kills me, they won’t be my enemy.

We ought to fix christianity. The definition of anything is open to constant renegotiation. The future is uncertain. The rules are only rules as long as we agree to play by them. If we don’t like our options, we should turn the table, change the rules, and give ourselves new options.

Remember the precedent Jesus set for dealing with money changers. The whole world is his father’s house now. All authority in heaven and on earth has been handed over to him. May your kingdom come, through me or otherwise. But everything you give me the power to do, may I do.


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