fuck your goddamn title :)

The zeitgeist is suicide. Why the hell should the lack of anything real stop us from believing in anything real? Fuck that. So what you came from nothing, do you want to go back to it? We’ll be our own reality. We need a new philosophy; the old one is what killed our souls, an anti-revolutionary obituary to the human spirit contrived by white supremacists and perfected by white men with Ph.D.’s that I never could have afforded who killed God in a failed attempt to kill themselves. Why would anything they say be relevant to me? Let’s go back to Greece and reason, and kill Aristotle. Let’s kill reason and live for something we can care about. I’ll say to them, “I’m not your matter to be manipulated. You treated the world that way, and then you treated God that way, and then you treated me that way. Consider me a criminal anarchist against the laws of physics. I am the voice of the stars!” And when Socrates asks me about all the evidence to the contrary, I’ll stab him. You don’t need to be right if you don’t care about being right. I just want to be wrong in the best way I can. Looking at the world and finding no truth, we’ve asserted nothing. We’ve just given up. In a world without truth, we could have asserted whatever we decided deserved to be true. We could have made it real in us! There’s only one thing we should have learned from postmodernism- reason is dead. We can’t know anything for sure, we can’t prove anything, and we can’t be safe in any position whether it be positive or negative. We have to make a choice. Whatever we’re to believe, we’ll be running along a cliff face with our eyes closed. If we’re gonna die anyway, we should die for something worth dying for!

The good philosopher is a revolutionary like the good theologian is a revolutionary. It’s not just that Schopenhauer was wrong when he said that his being a terrible person had nothing to do with the truth value of his philosophy. It’s also, more importantly, that he was a coward. Trying to improve the way you think without improving the way you act is a weak willed action. Thinking is the act that expresses who what you’ve done has made you.


Talk back, yo. :)

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