what is life affirming

What is the life affirming? It is relentlessly positive, unafraid of being found corny or stupid, grounded in the present and in the blue collar, inconquerably hopeful, universally human, valuing fun and prone to joking, yielding laughter, intensely felt, unserious and in some way very serious. It is the courage to stand together in the war and feel joy in the face of death because you fight for good. Not the sort of thing which is known; the sort of thing which is believed. That for which a person will willingly die; THAT WHICH MAKES IT ALRIGHT TO DIE, AND YET BETTER TO LIVE! IT IS LOVE! LOVE ALONE! Stupid love. Common love. Not a foreign love to be attained by the few but the very love which all civilization shelters unthinkingly, nearly embarrassed by it, what it feels it doesn’t need to say. Unseriousness everywhere bears the mark of God! Those who have not examined their lives will live them. Perhaps it is precisely because they have not examined their lives that they will live them.

Philosophy as it is practiced is the privilege of the upper classes. Did they never realize that the very privilege which allowed them to philosophize would atrophy their souls, that the very detachment with which they examined life would isolate them from themselves? Sadness is the signpost to happiness, sadness is the cost of happiness, sadness is a happiness of its own. Sadness is life! Happiness is life! Apathy is death! Refuse the anesthetic of the world! Pain is fleeting, joy is everlasting! Numbness is death!

Maximize happiness? Never. Most people scarcely care about their happiness. Maximize desire! Only if you desire can you desire to exist. What good is it to be happy if you don’t care about happiness? Even if you want sadness. and find it, you’ll be better off. We should want life, and everything it entails.

I don’t want to be professional. I don’t want to be respected. I want to incite imminent lawless behavior in human minds. I want to provoke, upset, inspire, confuse, and subvert. If I am accepted, I have accomplished my goal. If I am rejected, I have accomplished my goal. Only if I am an object of apathy have I failed. And I can think of no easier way to be an object of apathy than to be professional.


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