I’m sorry that i didn’t show you up
i’m sorry i wasn’t good enough
i know you wanted me to be more than you ever got to be
whatever you see when you look at me, i sincerely
hope that you will find in yourself.
Unstable like a continent on the wrong side of the prime meridian
that’s what they called me when I was younger.
Disappear into the shadow of an older brother
or turn into another face in the crowd listening to music too loud
i will not sink into the background.
I will be the one waving red flags in the last scene when the whole cast comes out,
i will be the one who screams
“God loves fags and if he was here today he’d be one.
the devil is a white man who looks just like me.
he lives in the good part of town and he’s always hanging around
offering the first sons of God a purpose in exchange for their conscience
and the second sons protection at the cost of solidarity
and he’s the only one with a stake still in this game.”
I don’t know how to explain that what people see is not the person that i am
i continue to believe that i will be redeemed.
Don’t listen to anyone who says differently
even if they’re right it won’t matter that you tried.
Nothing you can do can ruin you.
Things are gonna get better because we’re better than we believe.
Nothing that can happen to you can ruin you.


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