Yeah, yeah. Keep talking homes. No need to stop
on my account. I’d love to hear all about
how all of this is surely meaningless and
everyone else but you is ignorant
just as soon as I get done washing these dishes.
I’m sorry that I have to ask you to finish up quick
start wrapping up
cause I really do have to take these plates out in twenty minutes,
you know how it is,
some of these guys might not get fed otherwise,
they might really be reeling from hunger right about now.
But I still have to cut the carrots,
so that’s at least another couple minutes.
Why don’t you tell me about your girlfriend again?
I sure am sorry to hear she hurt you like that.
Yeah, I know you think I’m fooling myself with all this Christian shit,
but go on, you’re welcome to talk about it.

Yeah, I know she’s sick. Actually, all your friends knew that before you did
but it’s not really something you can say to someone in love
and have them believe it.
Of course you’re feeling some kind of way about people who suffer from mental illness
And now you’ve got a whole lot to say about them,
most of which isn’t especially positive.
I’m not gonna stop you from saying it, but you’re not right though.
Now is not the right time to tell you that I’ve probably got the same shit,
and admittedly, I’m in therapy for it, whereas she’s going untreated,
but that’s the only way
I know what to say
to you
and understand what you’ve been going through.
Cause I’ve either been through it all myself
or I’ve put someone else through it,
and I regret that shit
and recognize how fucked up it is.
So no, I don’t really blame you,
but you’re not right, though.
Your narrative is too simplistic.

I’m worried about you.
I don’t want you to end up the same way she is.
I see you moving fast in that direction, and
I don’t know how to stop it.
I see your hatred of abuse beginning to turn abusive.

I had a conversation with my brother one time about tribalism
and how we think we’re responsible for our own opinions
and that they’re all based on science and reason
when in reality nine of every ten of them are artifacts of ideology
and the society we live in.
We could easily believe that the sun was a chariot of fire
and not a nuclear furnace of helium and hydrogen
and we’d feel just as justified as we do about it
and laugh at the ignorance of the one who doesn’t even know about it
what they teach us all in kindergarten.
Donald Trump shouts at his rallies “Islam hates us”
and liberals answer “no tolerance for the intolerant.”
Their hatred of abuse turning abusive.
Leave hatred for the people you disagree with to liberals and conservatives, I don’t need it.
It doesn’t serve me.

I was there with you the first time you got drunk in the bed of your pickup truck
on your parents stolen liquor.
I gossip with you about my crushes, and complain about my job.
We can pick right up after six months spent apart.
You’re better than me at basketball and I let you borrow my favorite book
You liked it but you didn’t understand it.


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