Three Coins

Do you think you will stand tall?
Do you think you will ride those waves?
Have you got your ticket to ride that train
and will you
disembark at a quarter to three
in the beautiful city
with your friends all waiting on wooden seats
reading magazines
all ready
to drive you home; in the beautiful city
where you wanna be?

I only had three coins and I made three calls
at the payphone. The first one went to voicemail.
The second one got through, but you
didn’t recognize the number
so you just hung up.The man said
that happens all the time.
I really thought you’d recognize mine.
The last one got through
cause I called someone who I knew
would pick up.
He’d better; hell, he’s a paramedic.

All these Christians saying things like,
“If I died tonight, would I go to heaven?
Well I must be a Christian, cause the answer is yes.”
And I’m glad to see that
they’re conscious of

But as for me,
I feel more like
mister Soren “I have not faith.”
I’m more inclined to say
“Is my name written on that page?
Well, I must be a Christian cause I can say
with certainty
it’s not. That space is blank.”


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