The Silent Changing of the Moon

Nobody understands my words when I say em
but I still say em just the same. I’m not
selling them, they don’t have to be right.
I’m staying sane for now, for reasons I don’t understand,
staying in the game, waiting for something
I don’t understand.
Some of the parts are greater than the whole,
and the world ends with me. It won’t be repeated,
I won’t be deterred, and even though I see it can’t be completed
in the time I have, still I am determined
that the world perturbed, I am going to see it
till they wonder what they ever did to me and
no one ever knows what they did to bring it
but the worlds they built are on borrowed time,
and the lives they built are on fire.

That thing alive outside
running its nails across the ice
from the heart of the darkest night of winter
eyeless, wrapped its hundred
inhuman limbs around the house, and peered in
whispering without closing its mouth
“your shadow tires of aping you. It has grown to
despise you. Watch your step, lest it escape
its restraints and take your place.
For this warning I will take the price of half your life.”
Some day it will return.


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