Nothing and nothing.
An endless sea of nothing-
my eyelids.



The box in my car
full of bent spoons and needles
from the playground.

Jaguar’s eyes
in the undergrowth
my constant companion.

Suddenly I remember-
you have vanished.
Cut down by sorrow.

Bright climbing flowers.
The fence sags under their weight.
A neighbor calls out to me.

Cats sleep here,
flowers grow here,
women walk here.
It is not abandoned.

A moment alone,
though I must breathe lead dust,
satisfies my longing.

I don’t know this man.
Let me eat roast pork with him
until we are full!

Got something that he didn’t say caught in his throat
tickling back of his mind,
swallowing ice
water, coughing up a storm,
trying to keep calm, keep on catching his breath
blink these things that he’s seen
out like eyelashes.

Be well, you beautiful
woman of mine, sleep
soundly tonight
and still,
rise up
like the sun,
in my arms, or alone.
An the sun still rise, ye rise up.

Attention’s running to an end
and I am wondering if any of them
were ever living to begin with.
Intentions tend to be at odds
between my brain and me.
My God, me and my family
still don’t see eye to eye,
but we still try to be kind.
Tired of turning nice evenings into
a battle of ideologies.
Take the truth to the church,
take the church to the streets,
let them see what it means
to be set free.
Lay my head down at night,
still can’t sleep right,
still see I’m still not living clean.
Never call cause I know
I’m not quite ready to go,
drew a line in the air,
it’s drawing close.
Open another seal
your servant’s standing at attention.