this is why i shouldn’t take philosophy classes anymore

Don’t listen to me,
I don’t need you to be happy.
I wish that I was someone else and very far away.
I’m widely hated and highly overrated.

“The torment of despair is the inability to die.”
Yeah, beware of all that you despair of,
Kierkegaard is way cool but Heidegger be like “ever wonder why you exist at all?”
Oh God, don’t get me started.

Hey, if you stopped existing every time I left the room, you’d tell me, right?

I prefer to think of it as “I’m up this early.”
You do strange things in the eight hours alone when you don’t sleep.

I can’t tell whether I’m on the verge of a panic attack or unusually cheerful.

I mean, I understand why people think the world’s gonna end, and believe in a devil and a hell. Those are the comforting ideas. If you think about it, it’s actually much worse than that.

See, I like logic not because life is full of clarity and understanding, but because contradicting the inherent irrationality of human existence is the irrational thing to do.


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