Let’s unify, and make the many one.
As below, so above, here and
only here.
Just close your eyes, you can’t see
it’s far too dark to navigate that way.
Don’t watch the dark and deathly valley, it’s like
cable news.
Hold the hand of the one who’s with you.
Hold no breath in. Let it out
freely, release. Be unafraid.
See me? No, you can’t see, I know, but watch. I’ll
demonstrate. You do it this way.

As there, across the sea
where the sun has risen already
where tomorrow has come today
also so here!
May freedom ring in the south as in the north.
We who love most are the lucky ones.
You become one with the one you love.
We, the furthest fallen ones,
who are forgiven most, love most.
We the furthest fallen ones are best off.

Let’s unify, and make the many one.
We have to tell them
that God is Christlike
we have to tell the prophets.
They don’t understand.
All of our prophets don’t understand.

We have to tell them that disciples
love what their teacher loved.
That following means doing the same things.
That God, and the act of God, and the words and acts of the word of God,
and the way of faith, and the acts of faith
all must
The last call passed
ages back, no more stops, we’ve got to jump ship now
or ride this train all the way down.
Our whole generation has lost its way,
our whole nation has lost its way.
Our whole civilization has lost its way!
Lost in apathy for the greed in me which leads to apathy
for who the C.I.A. should choose to assassinate this week
to feed upon and feed American greed.
Lost in apathy for who gets left out on the street,
tonight, when it’s freezing, and why,
just because I
am not poor.
Lost in apathy for the things that make life worth living.
Somebody find me a missionary to the Americans from Haiti.
To tell me
no faith to Caesar, and death to the church, and rise,
rise, Jesus Christ!


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