The Fisherman

We will steer our two boats back
to our own homes, but
our hearts will stay close together
like seagulls stay close to the land.

I can’t believe you are so
perfect; so perfect for me.
You came my way unexpectedly
on my darkest day.

You will stay. You will stay, I will have you stay
or I will never be alone again.
You will be my best friend

or I will disappear into the clouds,
disappear into the nighttime.
It’s you or nothing. It is
everything or nothing.

That’s what you did to me
the moment I laid eyes on you.
You will never leave my heart,
you will never leave my mind.

You give me no peace except your own.
I will never take my eyes off you,
it will be you or nothing.

They must have sent you from above.
They must have sent you from
far away, another galaxy.

I know your secret and I’ll make it mine,
I know what you are. I am
lost and afraid, I don’t know what I want, or what I’m doing,
or what I am, except alone, as always, but

never again, never again, never again.

You must have fallen from the light
you must not know that you are perfect.
What do you have to do with me, Messiah?

You brought so many back to life.
Can you bring yourself back to my side?

I don’t think I can live in the aftermath, I
knew you, I was your friend,
at least I pretended to be up until the very end.
You said it one time, but I still have my doubts.

I ain’t no fisherman no more.


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