If I ruled the universe,
And could have anything I desire,
I’d paint your nails like a nebula,
Make your hair like the stars’ fire.

I would gather all the star dust in the galaxy
And give it to you as perfume.
Weave together a sweater of comet tails,
With only imagination as my loom.

The planets would be like beads,
Forming the most beautiful necklace.
All of this I would do
Just to put a smile on your face.

Then I’d decide to propose to you,
Offering you Saturn’s ring
With diamonds made of supernovas.
You’d be my queen and I’d be your king.

I would knit together every ocean on Earth
To be your lovely, flowing dress.
And whatever else you’d want,
I’d give you all the rest.

But none of this would change a thing;
Your beauty is already unsurpassed,
Not needing help from me,
Or my gifts that you might amass.

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